My name is Adam, I began having seizures following the death of a close friend in 2004. I was referred to N.E.R.E.G., and I\'m forever grateful that I was. From the beginning I felt safe and worry free.

The seizures didn\'t just disappear but I knew if I had any troubles or fear I had someone to call, at any time, thanks Lilly. I was contacted regularly just to see how I was feeling and to make sure I had no worries.

Further on into my experience I began going to support group meetings. These meetings were led by Ann Marie Bezuyen, and were to help patients and their family members have a place to vent and learn more about epilepsy. Getting to see how pther people have fought seizures of all different strengths and frequencies (I had thought they were all the same) helped me to learn new ways to cope.

The doctors are phenomenal too. Filled with knowledge about everything that could possibly be involved with epilepsy. From the seizures themselves, to the meds, to the way it all effects the patients physically, mentally, socially, and any other way it could have an impact on the lives of the people living with it. They also put their time into explaining the disorder and effects of it to family and/or those who will be caring for the patient. They do this sincerely and with a great character. If you are looking for epileptologist\'s who are kind, understanding, and have a vast knowledge of all types of seizures and medications, you need to look no more. Along with the superior Doctors you will have the privilege of knowing the nicest , most professional, and hardworking staff in the medical field. They have made me look at life in a much brighter way.

This group is really the nicest bunch of people stuffed into one office! Always thinking of the patient first. Even picking up the phone, they are always pleasant and never make you feel anything but important. Professionally and socially everyone there shares one common goal which is to improve our quality of life. I can honestly say that they have improved mine. 


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- Readers of What You Need to Know if Epilepsy has Touched your Life