Epilepsy Information

Epilepsy Information - Epilepsy Information

Epilepsy Information


In these pages you will find information on epilepsy diagnosis and treatment, answers to special questions you may have about life with epilepsy and epilepsy resource links including foundations, epilepsy associations and other advocacy groups

• Epilepsy Basics

  - All about seizures
  - All about epilepsy

• Diagnosis epilepsy 
  - How do we diagnose epilepsy?
  - Confirming the diagnosis of epilepsy
  - Defining the seizure type
  - Defining the epilepsy type
  - Defining the cause of epilepsy

• Treating epilepsy 
  - When do we treat?
  - Avoiding triggers
  - All about medications
  - All about diets
  - All about surgery
  - All other treatments (new and non-conventional)
  - Emergency situations

• Questions to ask the doctor
  - Choosing your doctor and important questions to ask

• Living with epilepsy  
  - Medical aspects
    * Men’s health
    * Women’s health
    * Elderly issues
    * Children with epilepsy
    * Genetics in epilepsy
    * Mental functioning in epilepsy
  - Social aspects
    * Driving and traveling
    * Keeping healthy: Sleep, food, exercise and sports
    * Work, education, military, legal and  financial aspects
    * Social activities and relationships

• Taking care
  - Taking care of a loved one with epilepsy

• Epilepsy Resources
  Epilepsy Advocates, support groups, scholarships and other resources

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