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Special diets for epilepsy program

Special diets for epilepsy program

Eric Segal, M.D. and Wendy Bennet

Program description:
•  Approximately 30% of children develop medically intractible seizures or experience intolerable side effects from antiseizure medication. Our diet therapy program was developed for these children as one of several dietary therapies may be considered as a good treatment option.

• Our diet therapy program is made up of a team of epilepsy doctors (epileptologists), specialized nurses and a registered dietitian. 

• We are able to implement all of these types of diets:
- Ketogenic diet
- Modified Atkins diet
- Low glycemic index treatment.

• How do you get started? An initial appointment is scheduled to review diet options with the patient and his/her family. Our dietician offers counseling on the diet options that are available to treat epilepsy. Once a diet is selected the registered dietitian or “RD” works closely with the family to come up with meal and snack ideas that will be the most appealing to the patient. The patient is then followed regularly by both the epilepsy doctor and RD to monitor side effects, growth, and diet efficacy.  Parents and family are encouraged to contact the RD anytime with any questions or concerns in between follow up appointments (which take place around every three months).   

Getting started on the Modified Atkins Diet

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