Not Alone Anymore

I felt so alone
Scared, ashamed, frustrated and embarrassed
New York Regional Epilepsy Support Group and Life Links
The first meeting
I Knew I found my friends; soon to be my NEREG family
As soon as I looked into the others’ eyes
I was no longer alone
They were just like me
They felt just like I did in a lot of ways
Friends to talk to
Shoulders to cry on
They would walk beside me;
Not only in the NY Epilepsy Walk held in Washington DC in 2009,
But everyday;
Right beside me;
And just as my favorite poem says,
“When you see only one set of footprints,
It was then that they carried me.”
And of course, I will do the same for them!
Thank you Ann Marie and my family and friends at NEREG!!

Not alone anymore in Goshen, NY – Stacy

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