What the Life Link Support Group Means to Me!

Being a caretaker of someone with an illness can be difficult.
Being the caretaker of someone with Epilepsy can be harder, you never know when a seizure will happen or where.
Sometimes I forget that he has limitations, that he tires easily, or that he has bad days.
Being a part of the support group is important to me because there are others who go through the same things I do.
We get to share ideas on how we cope. We share how we have had to "Navigate the system" to get the care for our spouses(family members) the group gives the information on the resources available.
The group is an important part of my husbands’ care.

I attend the support group held by LIFE LINKS in Middletown, NY.
I like having the opportunity to meet with others who share Epilepsy experiences.
Anything we say is confidential, but everyone there has probably experienced the same things.
No one makes you feel stupid or weird, no one judges you, it is a chance to unload.
We learn about new medicines, new procedures, get a chance to hear how everyone is doing or dealing with their Epilepsy.
Catch up with friends, yes I have made friends at the group, and that is important to me.
When I don't get to attend my monthly meeting, I feel like I am missing something very important.
This is what the support group means to me.


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